About LenapeTech:

Lenape Tech is a comprehensive career and technical school offering training in 16 technical areas. Students in the Apollo-Ridge, Armstrong, Freeport, and Leechburg school districts may attend Lenape Tech full-time for two years (11th & 12th grade). Lenape students receive training in both their chosen technical field, and in complementary academic disciplines.

Today, employers demand technical skills, and Lenape Tech delivers with 16 different course options that promote hands-on learning and the use of state-of-art technology.

Lenape Tech’s technical curricula is designed in part by business leaders known as Advisory Committees, and taught by educators who have industry experience. Lenape Tech also partners with local businesses and industry to offer students work based experiences such as co-op, apprenticeship, internship and job shadowing opportunities.

During the 2012-13 school year approximately 75 students have elected to spend half day of their school day at Lenape, participating in a technical program and one academic course based on individual needs, graduation requirements and challenges such as transportation and varying daily schedules.

Lenape Tech – Where we empower learners to be College and Career Ready!


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